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UBC Masters in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership: Helping Canada Win Medals

January 30, 2018
With the Winter Olympics only weeks away, Canada looks to lead the world. The Olympic Games gives Canadians an opportunity to feel inspired and proud of our athletes’ accomplishments. But behind each athlete medal is a sport system that is supported by coaches and technical leaders who strive to innovate and create world class daily […]

University of Exeter

January 7, 2018
Attention all KIN students looking for exchange opportunities! Are you looking for partner schools that provide classes that transfer for your Kinesiology degree at UBC? University of Exeter, located in the South of England, has an excellent reputation for Medical Sciences, Imaging, Sport and Health Science. Deadline: January 17, 2018 for entrance into the program starting September 2018.

Here’s Why You Should Definitely Keep Running During Stressful Times

December 20, 2017
Eli Puterman's research supports the run-it-off approach to staying sane when things are going haywire.

Emma McCrudden, sports dietitian for Athletics & Recreation and lecturer for the School of Kinesiology

December 18, 2017
Emma McCrudden isn’t going to prescribe everything you should eat but she will tell you how to make better choices.

Don’t Let Pollution Stop You from Exercising

December 15, 2017
When do the benefits of physical activity get washed out, or even reversed, by the negative effects of air pollution? Michael Koehle offers some useful insights.

Smartphone health apps miss some daily activity of users

December 7, 2017
Marcus Duncan, Guy Faulkner, Kelly Wunderlich and Yingying Zhao found if you use your smartphone to monitor your physical activity, you’re probably more active than it suggests.

Lab Crawl introduces Kinners to Spinal Research

November 16, 2017
The first Lab Crawl for the 2017/18 Winter term took place on Friday, November 3rd at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre and hosted 18 KIN students across all year levels.

UBC Kinesiology Faculty and Research Assistants take top spot in UBC Rec’s Para Sport Games

October 23, 2017
Dr. Andrea Bundon, Dr. Carolyn McEwen, and a team of research assistants and friends competed in UBC Rec's Para Sport Games, claiming first place in the Staff Division. Congratulations!

Romeo Chua awarded a SCAPPS Fellowship in the Society

October 20, 2017
Romeo Chua was awarded a Fellowship in the Society at the 2017 SCAPPS conference held in St John’s NL.

OMiCS Team visits Science World

The Optimizing Movement in Children Study (OMiCS) visited Science World on October 7 to meet and engage with children for Science World's Meet a Scientist day.