Bill McNulty

Bill McNulty is known for service to his community as a teacher, sports aficionado and city councillor. His story begins as a member of the UBC Physical Education (Kinesiology) class graduating in 1968 with a Masters in 1970. During the 1960s UBC’s Intramural Program was under the auspices of the School of Physical Education and it was Bill McNulty who was the student “in charge” of this program. In ensuing years he has maintained engagement with UBC through his Bill McNulty Scholarship in Kinesiology and his service on the university Senate.

As a teacher, Bill was most notably a teacher and counsellor at Vancouver’s Magee High School. He also has a passion for sports particularly track & field and for years has researched and documented the track & field accomplishments and records of BC athletes including some of the more obscure and forgotten. He has long served as a resource for such information. In addition he has researched and written on subjects of community interest including a book on the history of Steveston, the proceeds of which are intended for the Japanese tsunami relief effort.

McNulty is perhaps best known for his long service – two decades – as City Councillor for the City of Richmond. He is one of the few from Physical Education to make a name for themselves in politics. Together with his work on council, Bill has been an appreciated supporter of the Arts and has been made an honourary member of the Richmond Community Arts Council.

Through his energy and passion, Bill continues to maintain engagement and generate his unique contributions.

Bill was recently featured as one of Education’s 100 as part of the UBC Faculty of Education’s Year of Alumni celebrations.