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Bodyworks Exercise and Health Group Instructor

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The School of Kinesiology strives to develop valuable learning opportunities that are practical in nature to prepare students for success upon graduation. The UBC BodyWorks Fitness Centre applies a unique philosophy in the delivery of their renowned and unprecedented programs. It is driven by goals to achieve a population-level health impact for adults across the age span regardless of their skill and ability levels.

Individuals that the Exercise and Health Instructor will work with are those who are healthy and fit and also those who have been cleared by a Physician to exercise such as those who are at low-moderate risk of chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. Bodyworks has also been given the opportunity to work with the adolescent and the special population of children with autism. The potential to have staff work alongside the UBC psychosis program is in midst of development.

We are able to provide an enriched environment to both the drivers of our program, the students and those who receive our services, our valued clients. Through student development and community engagement initiatives, students who spend time under our watchful care, guidance and mentoring not only experience the benefits of employment, but also a supportive environment to gather applied skills alongside their peers. It is these relationships that the students can share their knowledge and educate each other on the different career paths after kinesiology. It is the senior staff whom mentor and guide the new volunteers and staff in the classes at Bodyworks. The leadership responsibility at Bodyworks provides the skills required for a career in the health and wellness field.

The Exercise and Health Instructor will obtain first-hand experience in the planning and implementation of high quality health and fitness programs and classes to healthy populations and those medically cleared to exercise and be responsible for overseeing the operations of a fully operating and functioning fitness facility, which includes a total membership of ~450 people, many of which are UBC employees and members of the community. The Exercise and Health Instructor provides templates to the manager prior to teaching the higher risk classes, ensuring their competency with the exercises and modifications required for safety of the participants. The communication between the manager, Exercise and Health Instructor and volunteer is essential for success. To elaborate, the Instructor provides one-on-one mentorship with the volunteer assigned to their class, slowly progressing that student into teaching the class with assistance from the instructor. It is the Instructor’s responsibility to ensure the volunteer’s knowledge and experience is evident prior to allowing the volunteer prepare and teach the class (with the instructor’s presence). It is this relationship that builds the upcoming Health Instructors.

The primary responsibilities of the Exercise and Health Instructor (EHI) are to:
• Design and monitor individualized and/or group fitness exercise programs for healthy clients and those medically cleared (low to moderate risk) to exercise in order to ensure the safe and effective delivery of fitness techniques and exercise intensities.
• Perform health screenings for healthy clients and those medically cleared to exercise. EHI’s complete physical health assessments, and goal setting sessions, create an appropriate exercise prescription with correct periodization while considering health history, current fitness levels and goals.
• Liaise with referring health care practitioners and provide referrals when necessary while conducting oneself professionally and documenting all points of communication (tailored exercise).
• Assist in program development by supporting marketing efforts, planning events, providing fitness centre orientations to clients.
• Provide answers to general inquiries as a Supervisor of the facility.
• Oversee the general operations of the fitness facility such as enforcing policies, following procedures, validating membership passes, providing customer service, assisting with evaluation and maintenance and providing safety officer support.
• Provide unsolicited support in agreement with patrons to review prescribed exercise programs and exercise technique to aid in goal attainment and injury prevention.
• Mentor volunteer role in classes. Progress the volunteer in a timely manner, ensuring educating the individual on proper periodization programming and cueing techniques to increase the visual learning of participants in the classes.

The student may also be asked to perform other duties as assigned.

EHI’s report to and receive general direction and supervision from the Program Manager and liaises with the Program Assistant where necessary. The Program Manager mentors the EHI to ensure a well-rounded skill set in client care, health promotion, and business management with one-on-one meetings weekly. The EHI works independently, yet closely with other BodyWorks staff and Coordinators during the planning and execution of programs. The EHI consults with the Program Manager on matters which depart from established policy and procedures. The EHI works as part of the Fitness Centre team, with regular opportunities to interact with the Program Manager.

Hours/time commitment

Tuesday 11:30-4:30/ Thursday 12:30-8:00 and Saturday from 10:00-1:00
Saturday Group Fitness Class 9:00-9:50am (healthy adult spin and functional class).
The candidate MUST be certified as a personal trainer, in which we hold the insurance for the student to teach. A valid CPR and First Aid with AED certificate is required.

How to apply

If you possess the above qualifications and are interested in pursuing an opportunity with UBC Bodyworks, please send your resume and confirm the term you’re able to start to Program Manager Janelle Iglesias at

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