Applying for Jobs

To view job descriptions and apply for jobs online, login to Symplicity on the top of the page.

Job Matching Process

The following is the ranking process from interview to the end:

  1. Employers who posted jobs and interviewed students will submit a list of preferred students to the Co-op office (ie. rankings).
  2. If you attend more than one interview within a week or two, you are advised to send an email of your rankings to the Co-op Coordinator in the event you are ranked first by more than one employer. The ranking email lists all jobs you interviewed for in order of your preference regarding the jobs.
  3. If you are unwilling to accept (“rank”) a certain job, contact the Co-op Coordinator immediately after the interview.
  4. Please wait for an email from the Co-op Coordinator to inform you of the results of the employer ranking. Due to employer’s schedules and the number of universities participating, the results for some jobs may not be finalized for a few weeks.
  5. The Co-op Coordinator will accept a job offer on your behalf, based on your ranking list and the employer’s ranking list.
  6. You will receive email or phone confirmation of a job offer and have 24 hours to confirm your acceptance.
  7. The Co-op Coordinator will make every effort to allow you to learn the rankings from all employers you interviewed with before you are required to accept a job offer, however, many employers provide a 24-48 hour window in which a student must accept or reject a job offer and you therefore may be required to make a decision before all rankings are in.
  8. Once you accept a job offer, you will no longer be permitted to apply to other jobs. Please let the Co-op Coordinator know of any other interviews you have so that they can make arrangements for them to be cancelled.
  9. If you receive a job offer through your independent job search please inform the Co-op Coordinator as soon as possible.
  10. Once you have verbally accepted a position, via a phone call or email to the Co-op Coordinator, the employer will send an offer letter to the Co-op Office. This letter will be forwarded to you. NOTE: If you receive an offer directly from an employer, you must consult with the Co-op Coordinator before making a decision.