Student Handbook & Resources

The student handbook is essential to your involvement in the Kinesiology Co-op Program because it provides you with much of the necessary information you need to be successful and to meet the program requirements.

In addition, the Co-op Coordinator will refer you to this handbook frequently over the course of the co-op pre-employment training. Every year, the Co-op Office releases a new edition of the student handbook, so please make sure that you have the latest edition of the handbook before the start of your co-op workshops.

The student handbook answers important questions such as:

What is the co-op program?
How do I write effective resumes and cover letters?
What are my rights in the work place?

In addition, the handbook also contains important information such as:

  •     Interview skills
  •     Job searching skills
  •     And more…

Download the Student Handbook here: KIN Co-op Student Handbook

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