School of Kinesiology Co-op students make immediate and noticeable contributions to companies and agencies throughout British Columbia, Canada and the world. As any of our current employers will tell you, it only takes a day’s work to convince you that a co-op students’ contributions are immediate and tangible to your business goals. It’s not just employers who benefit from the co-op program; co-op placements help our students walk away with experiences and skills that enrich their university education and better prepare them for the workforce.

At a glance, your added benefits of hiring our students include:

  1. A cost-effective investment that provides both a short-term infusion of talent and the long-term opportunity to hire potential full-time employees.
  2. Access to pre-screened, high-achieving students who are available for four or eight-month work terms beginning in January, May or September.
  3. Personalized human resources support from professional co-op staff who know their students.
  4. Contact with leading-edge faculty and researchers in the UBC School of Kinesiology.
  5. Mentorship opportunities to the next generation of leaders in kinesiology.


“Having this type of hands-on practical learning experience is invaluable to any student looking to develop real professional skills, on the job. It was the missing piece in an already great post-secondary education.”
– Chris Rich, HKIN Alumni, on his work experience at the VGH Centre for Cardiovascular Health