How to Hire Students

  1. Contact Us To begin the hiring process, contact the School of Kinesiology Co-op Office at 604-822-4794 or by e-mail at
  2. Provide a job description Send us your job description via e-mail, fax or post it directly online. Job descriptions should include information about your company, details about the work the student will do and required skills and abilities needed for job success.
  3. Review pre-screened candidates View student applications including cover letters, résumés and transcripts directly online after the job posting closing date. Student applications can also be made available to you via e-mail, fax or courier.
  4. Interview our students After screening the résumés, select the candidates you wish to interview and contact us to arrange a convenient date, time and location for the interviews. You may choose to conduct interviews at UBC’s Vancouver campus, off-site, or via telephone. Co-op staff will organize all interviews and forward an interview schedule to you.
  5. Rank our candidates Following the interview process, choose the students you feel are appropriate for the position and rank them numerically in order of preference.
  6. Reach an employment match The School of Kinesiology Co-op Office will match your top choices with student rankings and confirm placement.
  7. Submit an Offer Letter to the Co-op Program The UBC Kinesiology Co-op Program requests that once you have hired a student, a formal Offer Letter from your company be sent to the Co-op Office (


Bachelor of Kinesiology FALL (Sept-Dec) WINTER (Jan-Apr) SUMMER (May-Aug)
Year 1 Study Study Vacation
Year 2 (Junior) Study Study 4-month work term #1
Year 3 (Intermediate) 4-month work term #2 Study 4-month work term #3
Year 4 (Senior) Study 4-month work term #4 4-month work term #5
Year 5 Study Study Ready to work!