Our Academic Advantage

The School of Kinesiology at UBC attracts the brightest students from around the world. With an entrance GPA cut-off of over 85% out of high school, the School of Kinesiology accepts only 10% of the students that apply each year.

Our faculty members are more than great teachers; they are top scholars in their fields, conducting leading research in a broad range of areas relating to human movement, the body, sport, physical activity, exercise and health. For example, Kinesiology faculty members are known internationally for their work on neuromuscular function, cardio-pulmonary adaptation and fitness, motor skill acquisition and expert performance, coaching effectiveness, exercise interventions for clinical populations, community program development and socio-cultural analysis of sport, the body and aging.

You can find our graduates working in health promotion organizations, in community recreation centres, in rehabilitation centres, and in professional sport and sport marketing organizations around the world.

Foundations for success

Before they commence their first co-op work-term, all co-op students complete two years of core studies in kinesiology, which cover the fundamentals of human movement behaviour and provides them with the rich background they need to make a difference in your workplace. These core curriculum courses include: Active Health, Biomechanics, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Motor Behaviour, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Leisure and Sport in Society, Health Policy and Society, Exercise Physiology, Physical Growth and Motor Development and complementary study electives.

After completion of the core courses, students choose one of three streams of specialization:

  1. Kinesiology and Health Science – Prepares students for advanced studies in human movement science, health and fitness and for future certification and work as a kinesiologist
  2. Physical Education and Health – Prepares students to teach sports, physical activity and active health in public and private agencies
  3. Interdisciplinary Studies – Enables students to custom design their own program of studies by drawing on the diverse course offerings in human kinetics.

In addition to sound academic preparation, co-op students receive pre-employment training, develop job search skills and are educated in ethics and confidentiality in the workplace. This comprehensive approach ensures they are prepared with the professional as well as the academic skills you expect.