Your Role as an Employer

As a co-op employer, your responsibilities are the same as they would be for any temporary employee. But you’re not in it alone. Our co-op coordinator will work with you to monitor and evaluate students’ progress every step of the way.


Even the most qualified students require supervision and direction. The work duties, assignment or project and your personal supervisory style will dictate the appropriate level.


To ensure both you and our students are getting the most of the co-operative education experience, our co-op coordinator will set up an onsite evaluation or phone conference with you for feedback during each four or eight-month co-op work term.


You will be asked to complete an evaluation of the student’s performance nearing the completion of the work term and discuss the results with the student. Your evaluation will comprise 50% of the student’s grade for the work term.


“UBC HKIN students have stepped into our fast-paced work environment with many of the skills needed to make an immediate contribution. They have gained experience working in various aspects of the business and each have completed a major project that was part of our annual business plan. Each year the students’ contribution to our business has been significant enough that we have kept them on as employees.”
– Andrew Clark, Former V.P of Twist Conditioning Inc