Fees and Return on Investment

Your Fees in Action

The Kinesiology Co-op Office provides year-round facilities, full-time staffing and support for the administration of the Program. The Co-op Program receives no funding from the University. Your fees are used for covering the costs directly related to the effective management and promotion of the Kinesiology Co-operative Education Program. This includes staff salaries, office supplies, equipment, website maintenance, job database, travel costs, marketing, publicity, promotional material, copying, printing, postage, courier, telephone and fax costs.

In turn, you benefit from the many services we provide, including:

  • Pre-employment training such as self- and skill-assessments during your 1st year in the Co-op Program;
  • One-on-one professional résumé and cover letter review and assistance;
  • Personal consultations in interview preparation and presenting yourself professionally; including a mock interview and assessment;
  • Access to exclusive job postings on SYMPLICITY, an online recruitment system for Kinesiology Co-op students and employers;
  • Personalized target marketing to help place you within work sectors;
  • Assistance with your independent job search;
  • Coordination of job postings, interview bookings, ranking and matching process on behalf of students and employers;
  • Access to telephone and meeting room facilities;
  • Marketing the benefits of Co-operative Education and the strengths of School of Kinesiology students;
  • Developing work sector contacts locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Employment skill training and coaching as needed during your entire Co-op career;
  • Support during your Co-op work terms, including assistance in resolving workplace issues;
  • and Evaluation of your Co-op work term including marking of assignments and on-site visits with your work supervisor.

Your Return on Investment

Comparatively, professional résumé services typically cost $100 to $400 for a résumé and cover letter review. Headhunters charge a fee of up to 40% of your first year’s salary. Career counselors can charge $125 per hour for interview preparation or skill assessments. Access to filtered job postings, specific to your experience level and profession, may equate to $100 a month.

The Kinesiology Co-op Program does not guarantee employment during any work term period. You are not paying for a placement service; we provide you with lifelong career management skills, resources, and connections that will improve your prospective career path. Co-op Work Term tuition is required for each four-month work term, whether the position was obtained from a job posted at the Co-op Office or through your independent networking and job searching efforts.

If you participate in Co-op, the financial return largely outweighs your investment. And, you also get a chance to participate in a Program recognized for producing experienced and employable graduates.

Students can be expected to earn entry-level salaries in the health and fitness field.

“My work term gave me the practical hands on experience you just can’t receive in the classroom. I was able to work with all types of people in the field of health and fitness. You can learn about what stroke and heart attacks are, but until you interact with people who have suffered them, you don’t truly understand. Through this program I was able to realize how many opportunities we have once we graduate and I feel privileged knowing that there are wicked opportunities awaiting us”.

Nicola Gildersleeve, HKIN Alumni, on her work experience with the North Vancouver Recreation Commission.