International Students

All international students are welcome to apply to the Kinesiology Co-op program.

Not only can you gain valuable work experience but you can also explore other parts of British Columbia or Canada by going on a work term outside the Vancouver area. Work terms are also available in the Vancouver area if you want to continue to enjoy the city.


For Co-op, international students pay regular fees as per the UBC calendar.

Work Permit Information

Employment Authorization Information

In addition to a valid study permit all international students must obtain a co-op work permit from Immigration Canada prior to going out on their first work term.

What is a Co-op work permit?

A co-op work permit can only be used for co-op jobs, and only for the designated period of co-op owrk terms. Please note that a co-op work permit is not the same as an off-campus work permit. Off-campus work permits cannot be used for co-op jobs and vice versa.

As work terms are an essential and integral part of a co-op student’s course of study, you would be eligible to apply for a co-op work permit through Immigration Canada.

In addition to the requirements for all visitors you must also provide a letter of support from the Co-op Office. When you get accepted into the Co-op program, see the Co-op Coordinator about getting this letter. Your next step will be to call Immigration Canada at (604) 666-2171 and request an application kit, which will be mailed to you. If you require more information you can visit