Work Terms

The Kinesiology Co-op Program will add a year to your Bachelor of Kinesiology degree. The Co-op Work Term schedule (next item on the menue to the left) outlines the standard timetable of study and work terms. There is the flexibility for you to accept longer work terms with the approval of the School of Kinesiology Co-op Program Coordinator.

Once accepted into the program, prior to applying for your first work term, you will be required to participate in Co-op Workshops (online and in person) that prepare you for the job search and field experience. Your first work term is the summer following your second year of academic study (all core courses completed).

Bachelor of Kinesiology FALL (Sept-Dec) WINTER (Jan-Apr) SUMMER (May-Aug)
Year 1 Study Study Vacation
Year 2 (Junior) Study Study 4-month work term #1
Year 3 (Intermediate) 4-month work term #2 Study 4-month work term #3
Year 4 (Senior) Study 4-month work term #4 4-month work term #5
Year 5 Study Study READY TO WORK!

How to Secure a Placement

Once you have been accepted in the program, you will participate in a series of workshops that will provide you with the skills to secure your co-op work terms. In the workshops you will learn how to write professional cover letters, a résumé and hone your interview skills through mock interviews.

You will start applying for jobs four months prior to your first co-op work term. You will apply through the program’s online system SIMPLICITY, and conduct an independent job search to find employment.

Employers shortlist co-op students they wish to interview. Our office will coordinate the interviews and contact you to sign up for a suitable time. You will be interviewed in-person, by phone or by Skype.

When interviews are completed, employers submit their ranking of students to the Co-op office. Job offers are made based on employer rankings.

If you are ranked first by an employer you will receive a phone call or e-mail from the Co-op Coordinator to confirm acceptance of an employment offer. Details of the work term will be provided by the employer and you will commence work at the start of the following semester.