In History

Graduates of the School of Physical Education and Recreation are some of the leading pioneers in many fields.  Read and learn about some of our proud alumni here.

Our ‘In History’ alumni profiles are made possible by UBC Athletics Historian, Fred Hume. (pictured on the right)

UBC Athletics historian and long-time football statistician, Fred Hume entered the UBC Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 nearly 22 years after he began working to uncover the great UBC teams, athletes and builders of sport dating back to 1915. The UBC graduate’s efforts soon resulted in the establishment and development of the UBC Sports Hall of Fame which has been instrumental in re-connecting the university with hundreds of its most accomplished athletic alumni encouraging them to become more directly involved with the campus and their former teams.

As UBC’s first and sole Athletics historian, Hume also serves as an information resource for coaches, students and faculty together with campus, local and national media. Much of UBC’s now established historical sport information including all-time lists, sport histories, sport records and historical highlights is a result of his original research – information of value to Athletics’ Development and Sports Information teams as well as to the university.

Dale Ohman

1969 UBC Physical Education (Kinesiology) graduate Dale Ohman would appear to have two passions: volleyball and UBC. As a student, Dale played varsity Thunderbird volleyball, a career feature his being a member of the 1966/67 UBC Hall of Fame team – Canadian champions and a team that ultimately changed the way the game of volleyball […]

Carrie Watts

Since entering UBC in 1999/2000, Carrie Watts (nee Watson) has been an integral component of UBC Thunderbird basketball, including one of its best players and now an emerging coach. Carrie earned three degrees at UBC: Bachelor of Human Kinestics in 2004, Bachelor of Education in 2005, and Masters of Kinesiology in 2011, while achieving Academic […]

Kim Cassar Torreggiani

Kim Cassar Torreggiani, 1983 Kinesiology graduate, has used her UBC degree together with her athletic background to carve a slightly different career path . . . that being marketing, publicity and fund-raising both professionally and in her extensive volunteer work. While a student with UBC’s varsity swimming team, Kim was a top 10 diving finalist […]

Bruce Kiloh

It could be fairly said 1973 Physical Education (Kinesiology) graduate Bruce Kiloh “bleeds Blue & Gold.” For almost five decades Bruce has been a big supporter of UBC, a “Blue Chip” alumnus. Bruce played both UBC varsity soccer and varsity football the latter under a coach Bruce still admires, the late Frank Gnup. Following a […]

Christiane Job

Christiane “Chrissy” Job graduated from UBC in 2008 with a Masters of Arts in Kinesiology followed by her PhD at the University of Calgary.

Arnie Smith

Arnie Smith, Physical Education graduate, 1962, provides another example of the unique and varied experiences those from this faculty have undertaken. While at UBC Arnie played Thunderbird football under coach Frank Gnup and following graduation had a tryout with the Montreal Alouettes. He then quickly embarked upon a teaching and coaching career in Vancouver.

Gordie Penn

Gordie Penn was part of UBC’s return to football credibility, greatness in fact, during the late 1970s. Under the coaching of Frank Smith the Thunderbirds evolved to the point where they reached the national championship Vanier Cup in 1978. In 1975, Penn’s second season when the reclamation was beginning, he established a new UBC season […]

Cait Haggarty

Cait Haggarty, a Victoria native and 2008 UBC Kinesiology graduate, has the distinction of being an integral member of three Canadian champion UBC basketball teams.

Brian Upson

Brian is best remembered as a high school basketball coach, in fact a storied career which stands out among such careers of those from UBC.

Kevin Hanson

As we head into the 2017/18 season the UBC men’s basketball team continues to be guided as it has for the past 17 years by one of our most capable and successful coaches, 1988 Kinesiology graduate Kevin Hanson. Always providing fans with competitive and exciting teams, Kevin has coached the Thunderbirds to five Canada West […]