In History

Graduates of the School of Physical Education and Recreation are some of the leading pioneers in many fields.  Read and learn about some of our proud alumni here.

Our ‘In History’ alumni profiles are made possible by UBC Athletics Historian, Fred Hume. (pictured on the right)

UBC Athletics historian and long-time football statistician, Fred Hume entered the UBC Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 nearly 22 years after he began working to uncover the great UBC teams, athletes and builders of sport dating back to 1915. The UBC graduate’s efforts soon resulted in the establishment and development of the UBC Sports Hall of Fame which has been instrumental in re-connecting the university with hundreds of its most accomplished athletic alumni encouraging them to become more directly involved with the campus and their former teams.

As UBC’s first and sole Athletics historian, Hume also serves as an information resource for coaches, students and faculty together with campus, local and national media. Much of UBC’s now established historical sport information including all-time lists, sport histories, sport records and historical highlights is a result of his original research – information of value to Athletics’ Development and Sports Information teams as well as to the university.

Bev Barnes

Bev Barnes’ teammates and friends speak fondly of her when they refer to her as a “basketball player, coach and lunatic".

Dan Miscisco

Brunswick Georgia! These were the very first words heard by a small gathering of baseball aficionados – words exclaimed with gusto. This was Dan Miscisco, UBC Phys. Ed grad of 1967 announcing the presentation of his experiences as a pro baseball player. It was this small Georgia town that happened to be his first stop […]

Lisa Nickle

Despite her spirited Hall of Fame basketball career which included leading UBC in scoring four of her five years, Lisa Nickle recalls, “Its really the people who are ingrained in my memories.”  Lisa graduated from Kinesiology in 1994 at the beginning of UBC’s recent success in women’s basketball – some of this success due to […]

Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen remains one of UBC’s most renowned graduates as the 1986 Physical Education alumnus’ story has been so well documented. But because this man decided to take on challenges rather than avoid them, fight self-pity and despair and because of his resulting motivational and fund-raising accomplishments, we sometimes overlook the fact Rick was one […]

Derek Swain

Dr. Derek Swain, who has a Masters of Physical Education from UBC, once again illustrates the degree of career diversity those from this field of study can experience. While a student on campus Derek developed his loyalty to UBC and to Athletics by serving as a co-manager of Thunderbird basketball teams which included the 1969/70 […]

Ted Hunt

One of British Columbia’s greatest athletes, Ted Hunt graduated from UBC with a Physical Education degree in 1957, an MPE in 1961 and a PhD in Education in 1976. On campus, Hunt was both a standout rugby player – of international caliber and one of the country’s best ski jumpers. He won Big Blocks in […]

Bill McNulty

Bill McNulty is known for service to his community as a teacher, sports aficionado and city councillor. His story begins as a member of the UBC Physical Education (Kinesiology) class graduating in 1968 with a Masters in 1970. During the 1960s UBC’s Intramural Program was under the auspices of the School of Physical Education and […]

Marilyn Pomfret

Marilyn Pomfret is one of the most celebrated of UBC Physical Education (Kinesiology) graduates. She has been inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame, UBC Sports Hall of Fame, named a YWCA Woman of Distinction and is a recipient of a UBC Alumni Association Achievement Award. A 1954 UBC graduate, Marilyn taught high […]

Don Cunnings

Don Cunnings is a highly respected 1962 UBC Physical Education graduate who, coming out of the Recreation program started by Bob Osborne and Dick Ramsay, became one of the early provincial pioneers in the development of parks and recreation. His extensive and varied career has been acknowledged by his 2012 induction into the Coquitlam Sports […]

Jeff Schiebler

A prominent UBC track and cross-country athlete and 1996 Human Kinetics graduate, Jeff Schiebler experienced a most impressive running career both at UBC and internationally. While leading UBC to championship levels, Jeff in 1995, set UBC, Canada West and CIS national records in the 3,000m. In the 10,000m he achieved the Olympic standard and competed […]