In History

Graduates of the School of Physical Education and Recreation are some of the leading pioneers in many fields.  Read and learn about some of our proud alumni here.

Our ‘In History’ alumni profiles are made possible by UBC Athletics Historian, Fred Hume. (pictured on the right)

UBC Athletics historian and long-time football statistician, Fred Hume entered the UBC Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 nearly 22 years after he began working to uncover the great UBC teams, athletes and builders of sport dating back to 1915. The UBC graduate’s efforts soon resulted in the establishment and development of the UBC Sports Hall of Fame which has been instrumental in re-connecting the university with hundreds of its most accomplished athletic alumni encouraging them to become more directly involved with the campus and their former teams.

As UBC’s first and sole Athletics historian, Hume also serves as an information resource for coaches, students and faculty together with campus, local and national media. Much of UBC’s now established historical sport information including all-time lists, sport histories, sport records and historical highlights is a result of his original research – information of value to Athletics’ Development and Sports Information teams as well as to the university.

Derek Swain

Dr. Derek Swain, who has a Masters of Physical Education from UBC, once again illustrates the degree of career diversity those from this field of study can experience. While a student on campus Derek developed his loyalty to UBC and to Athletics by serving as a co-manager of Thunderbird basketball teams which included the 1969/70 […]

Don Cunnings

Don Cunnings is a highly respected 1962 UBC Physical Education graduate who, coming out of the Recreation program started by Bob Osborne and Dick Ramsay, became one of the early provincial pioneers in the development of parks and recreation. His extensive and varied career has been acknowledged by his 2012 induction into the Coquitlam Sports […]

Erminia Russo

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1989 One of BC’s outstanding athletes of the 1970s and 1980s, UBC Phys. Ed. (Kinesiology) graduate Erminia Russo has forged an impressive career in the sport of volleyball. Erminia graduated from high school in Kelowna and beginning in 1982/83, her first year on UBC’s volleyball team, she was a starter quickly […]

Gail Wilson

Masters of Physical Education, 1981 (BPHE at University of Toronto, 1968) Gail Wilson grew up in Newmarket Ontario and received an undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto in 1968. Following graduation she taught Latin, Geography and Physical Education for seven years in a variety of secondary schools in the […]

Gordie Penn

Gordie Penn was part of UBC’s return to football credibility, greatness in fact, during the late 1970s. Under the coaching of Frank Smith the Thunderbirds evolved to the point where they reached the national championship Vanier Cup in 1978. In 1975, Penn’s second season when the reclamation was beginning, he established a new UBC season […]

Gordon Diewert

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1973 UBC’s Physical Education (Kinesiology) department spawned in 1973 a most extraordinary graduate in Gordon Diewert. Diewert would become a tenured Physical Education professor at UBC and a faculty member at SFU during the years 1978 through 1981, teaching courses in psychomotor learning and performance. Within that short three year period […]

Jean Forrest

Jean Forrest, 1983 Physical Education (Kinesiology) graduate, while at UBC was one of Canada’s outstanding field hockey players on some of UBC’s best teams.

Jeff Schiebler

A prominent UBC track and cross-country athlete and 1996 Human Kinetics graduate, Jeff Schiebler experienced a most impressive running career both at UBC and internationally. While leading UBC to championship levels, Jeff in 1995, set UBC, Canada West and CIS national records in the 3,000m. In the 10,000m he achieved the Olympic standard and competed […]

Joanie Webster

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1980 One is immediately struck by Joanie Webster’s passion, exuberance and energy. The 1980 Recreation in Education graduate was a “builder” and student leader at UBC from the mid 1970s through 1990, particularly in the areas of Intramurals and Recreation. Together with Nestor Korchinsky, both of whom are visionaries, Joanie helped […]

Joanne Sargent

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1973 UBC’s Physical Education faculty has been home to many of BC’s best basketball players. One such student, a graduate in Education with a 1973 Physical Education (Kinesiology) degree, is Joanne Sargent. While playing for the Blue & Gold between 1968/69 and 1972/73 she starred on three Canadian champions, two of […]