In History

Graduates of the School of Physical Education and Recreation are some of the leading pioneers in many fields.  Read and learn about some of our proud alumni here.

Our ‘In History’ alumni profiles are made possible by UBC Athletics Historian, Fred Hume. (pictured on the right)

UBC Athletics historian and long-time football statistician, Fred Hume entered the UBC Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 nearly 22 years after he began working to uncover the great UBC teams, athletes and builders of sport dating back to 1915. The UBC graduate’s efforts soon resulted in the establishment and development of the UBC Sports Hall of Fame which has been instrumental in re-connecting the university with hundreds of its most accomplished athletic alumni encouraging them to become more directly involved with the campus and their former teams.

As UBC’s first and sole Athletics historian, Hume also serves as an information resource for coaches, students and faculty together with campus, local and national media. Much of UBC’s now established historical sport information including all-time lists, sport histories, sport records and historical highlights is a result of his original research – information of value to Athletics’ Development and Sports Information teams as well as to the university.

Max Howell

Pioneer and Innovator Max Howell is recognized as a UBC Kinesiology pioneer and innovator. Although he did not attend UBC – he was trained in Australia and at California-Berkeley – Professor Howell taught at the UBC School of Physical Education from 1954 until 1961. Max was an early practitioner of the study of Human Kinetics […]

Barbara ‘Bim’ Schrodt

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1951 Dr. Barbara Schrodt has the distinction of being one of a select group of UBC Physical Education (Kinesiology) graduates to be inducted as an individual into both the UBC and British Columbia Sports Halls of Fame. A 1951 graduate, ‘Bim’ has been a true Builder as a teacher, coach, historian […]

Dave Macfarlane

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1989 Dave Macfarlane is another example of the diversity in career paths taken by UBC graduates in Physical Education (Human Kinetics/Kinesiology). A 1989 graduate, Dave played Thunderbird hockey in 1984-85 under the coaching of Fred Masuch. As it happens, Dave has good bloodlines as his father Dave Sr., successful in both […]

May Brown

Master of Physical Education, 1961 May Brown, who first taught physical education at UBC then later attained her Masters in Physical Education, is one of this faculty’s most revered individuals. Now in her 90s and still active and engaged, May has forged a remarkable career. She has been a life-long supporter of physical education, fitness […]

Marilyn Peterson Kinghorn

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1961 When Marilyn Peterson attended UBC she executed one of the most impressive and versatile athletic careers in recent memory. Between 1957 and 1961 she was a star on the Thunderbird basketball team, a high-scoring Varsity field hockey player and an outstanding Varsity volleyball player. At UBC she was considered one […]

Stephanie Jameson

Bachelor of Kinesiology, 2011 Stephanie Jameson, a 2006 UBC Kinesiology graduate, experienced an exceptional Thunderbird athletic career as a field hockey player under coach Hash Kanjee. Not only was she a luminary in this sport but is also unique in that her mother, Sue Rich, was also a field hockey standout preceding Stephanie as a […]

Ken Shields

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1969 One of the best known names in Canadian basketball is 1969 UBC Physical Education (Kinesiology) graduate Ken Shields. Ken, along with his wife Kathy, both played Varsity Thunderbird basketball during the late 1960s with Ken quickly moving on to the coaching ranks co-coaching the UBC women’s Varsity basketball team in1969/70. […]

Roger McKay

Bachelor of Physical Education, 1966 In the words of 1966 Physical Education graduate Roger McKay, “I have a lot to thank UBC for.” Prior to his 30 year career in teaching and coaching, Roger benefitted from UBC life, taking his courses from great teachers, being a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity plus playing briefly for […]

Gail Wilson

Masters of Physical Education, 1981 (BPHE at University of Toronto, 1968) Gail Wilson grew up in Newmarket Ontario and received an undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto in 1968. Following graduation she taught Latin, Geography and Physical Education for seven years in a variety of secondary schools in the […]