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Claire Hope, B.Kin.

Graduating year: BKin, May 2013
Employed by: Live Well Exercise Clinic
Stream: Kinesiology

Coop Alumni

Dylan Brown, BKin

Graduating year: BKin, May 2014
Employed by: BC Wheelchair Sports, Curl BC, and Coaches BC
Stream: Interdisciplinary Studies

Alumni Spotlight, Coop Alumni

Christina Sequeira, MKIN, ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Christina Sequeira is a UBC alumna who graduated with a Master's (2014) and Bachelor's (2003) degree in Kinesiology.

Grad School Alumni

Hyun Kyung Kim, BKin

Graduating year: BKin, May 2014
Employed by: Metrotown Orthopedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, UBC School of Kinesiology - Outreach Programs, and UBC Ropes Course
Stream: Kinesiology & Health Science

Alumni Spotlight, Coop Alumni

Alvin Ip

Graduating year: 2012
Stream: Interdisciplinary Studies

Alumni Spotlight

Kristin Campbell, PT, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC, Dr. Kristin Campbell is passionate about using her research to help cancer survivors. She is currently investigating the role of exercise in rehabilitation from cancer treatment and how to use exercise in health promotion for cancer survivors after they complete treatment.

Grad School Alumni

Kolin Kriitmaa

Graduating year: BHK 2001, MHK 2004 Position: President Organization: Dynamic Sport Development Ltd. Stream:Sport Management “Finding a mentor who can assist you in navigating your way through your career is important. Finding a mentor who will not agree with everything you want to do, but push you to be better all the time is important to […]

Alumni Spotlight

Denise Yuen

Graduating year: BHK, GDBA, 2007 Position: Contractor Organization: Australian Paralympic Committee Stream: Physical Education, Minor in Science “Networking is so important! The books and notes in University are just the beginning – there is so much more to learn and experience from the people and environment around you.” Denise Yuen graduated in 2007 from the UBC School of […]

Alumni Spotlight

Sara Hodson

Graduating year: BHK, 2002 Position: Owner Organization: Live Well Exercise Clinic Stream: Exercise Science Website: “Experience is key.  Employers want to see a resume with applicable work experience.  It is an equally important facet to being a successful candidate for a job.” Sara Hodson graduated from the School of Kinesiology (formerly Human Kinetics) in 2002.  With the […]

Alumni Spotlight

Loren Schubert

Graduating year: BHK, C.P.(c), 2007 Position: Certified Prosthetist Organization: Russell Prosthetics Stream: Exercise Science “It means using my knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking to have a positive impact in someone’s life, enabling them to regain their mobility and reach their functional goals.” Loren Schubert is a Certified Prosthetist at Russell Prosthetics in New Westminster, British Columbia. As […]

Alumni Spotlight