Student Stories

See what your fellow classmates are up to and what they’re doing with their Kinesiology degrees.

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Shawn Forde

Supervisor: Dr. Brian Wilson and Wendy Frisby
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Sport for development and peace, social movements, gender, pedagogy

Current Graduate Students

Matt Dolf

Supervisor: Prof. Robert Sparks & Prof. Jan-Anders MÃ¥nson
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Sport Management and Environmental Sustainability

Current Graduate Students

Inge Derom

Supervisor: Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Sport Sociology

Current Graduate Students

Aaron Chew

Supervisor: Dr. Maria Gallo
Current Program: MKin
Research Area: Speed, strength & power development; injury prevention & rehabilitation; tactical strength & conditioning

Current Graduate Students

Erica Bennett

Supervisor: Dr. Laura Hurd Clarke and Dr. Peter Crocker
Current Program: Ph.D.
Research Area: Aging, body image, narrative methods, physical activity, sexual identity

Current Graduate Students