What is Community Engagement?

The term community engagement is a broad one and seeks to reflect the myriad range of connections that the UBC School of Kinesiology holds to community members and organizations at an institutional, local, and international level. The UBC School of Kinesiology sees community engagement to in fact be enmeshed in its own academic fabric. The School has had a long-standing history of working with community organizations through student volunteer experiences, individual faculty members, course offerings, co-op placements, and a number of research projects, which engage with communities here on campus, across the Lower Mainland, nationally, and internationally.

More so, according to the UBC Stategic Plan: ‘Place and Promise’, the University of British Columbia’s strategic plan commits UBC itself to serve and engage external communities through dialogue, teaching, learning, research, and public policy. This strategic plan includes three main priorities: student learning, research excellence, and community engagement. There are six additional commitments: aboriginal engagement, alumni engagement, intercultural understanding, international engagement, outstanding work environment, and sustainability.

The focus of this website is, therefore, specifically on community engagement as one pillar of Place and Promise and it seeks to reflect the diverse range of ways this priority appears as an integral element at work throughout the values and practices of the UBC School of Kinesiology.