Current Students and the Community

There are a number of ways for current students to connect with the community. Browse the options below.


Co-op Program

The Kinesiology Co-op Program formally integrates a student’s academic studies with valuable, relevant, paid kinesiology related work, with approved work sector organizations.

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Mentorship Program

The Kinesiology Mentorship Program brings together student mentees and alumni mentors for professional development, networking, and career exploration. The program assists students with the transition from university into the professional environment and provides alumni with the opportunity to give back and re-connect with the School of Kinesiology and UBC. The program incorporates face-to-face mentoring with online contact, networking events, and connections to career development resources.

Mentorship Program

Courses with Community Engagement

Community engagement plays an important part in the learning experience of students at the UBC School of Kinesiology. Courses throughout the School at the undergraduate and graduate levels maintain relationships with community organizations both locally and internationally by offering guest speakers, work experience, and experiential learning opportunities.

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Job and Volunteer Opportunities for Students

Active Kids offers employment and volunteer opportunities to engage UBC students and alumni in building on their professional skills and knowledge. We look for dynamic, engaging students who value helping others. With a passion for physical activity and knowledge about kinesiology, our staff and volunteers are the backbone of the tremendous success of our various developmentally appropriate recreational programs such as gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and various multisport and physical literacy programs.
BodyWorks delivers unprecedented programs and services for adults across the age-span to live with vitality and a thriving quality of life through the development of fitness and an improvement of health by preventing injury, illness and disease.

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Community Engagement Initiatives & Partnerships

Community engagement projects are initiated by students, faculty, staff, alum, and are dynamic. Find out how we engage diverse communities, beyond the classroom, in the study and promotion of physical literacy, physical activity, sport and health.

Current Initiatives