Student Appeal Procedure

The Kinesiology Co-op Program has a responsibility to provide fair and equitable procedures for the lodging and hearing of student complaints or concerns arising from Program regulations, policies and actions. Students who wish to contest a resolution can do so by following the three sequential steps of the Kinesiology Co-op Student Appeal Procedure.

  1. Students who are not satisfied with a decision pertaining to the Program should initially attempt to resolve their concerns informally by requesting a meeting with the Co-op Coordinator.
  2. If a student is not satisfied with the decision from the Co-op Coordinator, the student may appeal the decision in writing to the Senior Associate Director, School of Kinesiology. All written documentation related to the issue must also be submitted. A copy of the appeal must be sent to the Co-op Coordinator who made the original decision or ruling. The Co-op Coordinator may file a written response to the appeal to the Senior Associate Director and the appellant. The Senior Associate Director may request additional written submissions and/or may invite the student and the Co-op Coordinator to make oral submissions. The Senior Associate Director shall communicate his/her decision in writing to the student and the Co-op Coordinator within a reasonable time frame.
  3. If the student is not satisfied with the decision by the Senior Associate Director, the student may appeal to the Director of the School of Kinesiology, by submitting a meeting request to the Senior Associate Director. The Senior Associate Director will arrange a convenient time for the Director, the appellant and him/herself. The Director shall communicate the final decision of the appeal process in writing to the student, Co-op Coordinator and Senior Associate Director within a reasonable time frame.