The Kinesiology Mentorship Program is an excellent opportunity to network, explore different career options,
develop career and personal skills and learn more about yourself. This program is designed to help you become more
aware of opportunities, of yourself and connected to those around you.

What will I learn as a mentee?

  • Make connections with Kinesiology alumni and peers
  • Learn about different professional work experiences
  • Develop professional career goals to assist in planning your future
  • Learn how to ask good questions
  • Explore the value of your undergraduate Kinesiology degree and the diverse range of career options available for graduates
  • Build and strengthen your communication skills through participating in professional networking opportunities
  • Earn a certificate of participation to add to your professional portfolio by completing career building activities

Program Requirements & Checklist

  • Complete the Mentee Application by Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • Attend the Mentee orientation session on October 11, 2018 (12:30-1:45 pm)
  • Attend the Program Kick-off event on October 18, 2018 (6:30-8:30 pm)
  • Meet with your mentor at least once per term and maintain communication via preferred method at least once a month
  • Sign and return the Mentorship Agreement to the Mentorship Program Coordinator before beginning the program
  • Complete four (4) Program Career Building Activities: (1) Learning Objectives (2) Mid-Way Reflection (3) Informational Interview (4) End of Program reflection
  • Attend the Program Wrap-up Event in March (date TBD)
  • Write and send a professional thank you letter to your mentor at the conclusion of the program
  • Complete an online evaluation

Program Time Commitment

The mentorship relationship is developed over six months, from October to March. The time commitment for students to complete the program requirements is approximately 20-30 hours which includes attendance at social events, in-person meetings, and skype/email/phone communication.

Career Building Activities

  • Learning Objectives
  • Mid-Point Reflection
  • Informational Interview
  • Final Reflection

Other Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

A maximum of 30 mentees will be selected for the 2018/19 program. Mentee selection will be based on meeting the eligibility criteria, and the availability of mentors.

Mentors and mentees are matched based on a variety of factors that include common interests, career goals and/or interests and areas where a mutually beneficial partnership can be established. We believe that student mentees can learn a significant amount from mentors, regardless of their career interests. The more specific student mentees can be in their application regarding what their career interests are, what their motivations are for participating and what they hope to gain from the program, the more likely they are to be matched with a mentor that aligns well with them.

In addition to meeting with your mentor once per month to check in and review progress on your learning objectives, there are a diverse range of opportunities available to you - it depends on your mentoring partnership. In the past, some mentees have had the opportunity to attend a meeting, attend a networking event, visit their mentor's workplace, attend a workshop, conduct an informational interview, discuss different types of career/job options, review your resumes and more.

Mentors come to the program from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Physical Trainers
  • Business Owners
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Fitness Administrators
  • Recreation Facility Managers
  • Physicians / Medical Students
  • Physiotherapists
  • College Professors
  • Event Managers
  • Lawyers

All program participants will receive a Mentorship Program handbook as well as a list of the four (4) assignments which must be completed throughout the program’s duration. Once selected to the program, you will participate in a mentee orientation session with other program participants. This session will provide you with more information on the program, the roles and responsibilities of a mentee and an opportunity to meet and connect with other program participants.

Throughout the duration of the program, the Program Coordinator, Elise Le Brun, is available to assist you throughout the mentoring relationship and respond to your questions and concerns. Email:

There are two main areas that Mentors help Mentees in their development. These include:

  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Provide guidance on workplace expectations, professional relationship and career paths
  • Model professional behaviour
  • Assist students with exploring different career options
  • Provide support and assistance with the development of interview, resume building and networking skills
  • Provide direction for networking and contacts within the Kinesiology field
  • Assist with the development of professional communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Help student mentees establish career, professional, academic and personal goals
  • Provide student mentees with support and direction for attaining established goals

The Mentoring Program only matches mentors to one mentee at a time, to enable you to focus specifically on that partnership during the six month period. However, we encourage mentees to expand their network by connecting with other mentors at program events, and on LinkedIn.

Apply to be a Mentee HERE