Kinesiology Transition Program

Welcome to UBC Kinesiology!

The Kinesiology Transition Program (KTP) is an exciting program for all new-to-UBC Kinesiology students to connect with peers, explore our beautiful campus, and obtain the necessary resources and information you need to make the most of your university experience. The KTP provides programming for new students to ensure a successful and supportive transition into the Kinesiology community.

Who is your Orientation Leader?

Every new-to-UBC Kinesiology student, whether entering first year or coming as a transfer student, is assigned to an Orientation Group with an Orientation Leader. Your Orientation leader will e-mail you to introduce themselves in late August. Your Orientation Leader will be your guide to navigating through your first term – from Imagine Day to the end of December. They can help you find resources, let you know about awesome events around campus, or just hang out if you need a friend.

What kinds of questions can I ask my Orientation Leader?

  • Where can I get my textbooks?
  • Where are the best places to eat/study on campus?
  • Are there any free resources to help me prepare for exams?
  • How is university different from high school?
  • Where can I find opportunities to get involved?
  • Where can I get help if I need it?
  • How do I find my favourite food truck on campus?
  • And many more!

How can I contact my Orientation Leader?

Your Orientation Leader will be available from the end of August until the first round of finals in December. You’ll receive an email from them in late August and you will meet them and your Orientation group on Imagine Day.

If you have not heard from your Orientation Leader by August 31st, 2017, please contact

Upcoming KTP Events

Date Event
Tuesday September 5th, 2017 Imagine Day – On the first day of classes, campus is transformed and over 9000 new-to-UBC students (first year and transfer students) and over 1000 faculty, student, and staff volunteers come together to welcome you to your new academic community and celebrate the start of the school year. Not to be missed!
Week of Sept. 11-15 Let’s Get KINvolved – Join us to learn a little more about different opportunities to get involved in your first year! More details to come soon.
Week of Sept. 25-29 KINnecting with Profs and TAs – Meet your profs and TA’s in an informal setting, ask questions, find out their favourite foods, do they have a pet, how did they do during their undergraduate degree. Dispel the myths of the almighty profs behind the lectern.
Week of Oct. 16-20 Wellness- a WorKINprogress – More details to come soon.