Why become a Mentor?

  • Share your stories and experiences with mentees
  • Build contacts within your industry and expand your professional network through the UBC mentorship community
  • Develop and maintain connections with the School of Kinesiology and UBC
  • Contribute to the future of industry and community by supporting the next generation of leaders in Kinesiology
  • Refine your leadership and mentoring skills

Program Requirements & Checklist

  • Complete Mentor Application by Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • Sign the Mentorship Agreement and return to the Mentorship Program Coordinator before beginning the program
  • Attend the mentorship kick-off and wrap-up events
  • Attend the Professional Development Night in early January 18, 2019 (optional)
  • Meet with your mentee at least once a term and maintain communication via preferred method at least once a month
  • Complete an online exit survey (April)

Program Time Commitment

The mentorship relationship is developed over six months, from October to March. The time commitment for mentors is a total of 10-15 hours which includes attendance at social events, in-person meetings, and skype/email/phone communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

A maximum of 30 mentors will be selected for the 2018/19 program. While prior participation and involvement in the program is a benefit, mentor selection will be guided upon the career interests and industry preferences of the mentees.

We believe that student mentees can learn a significant amount from mentors, regardless of their career interests. While the matches between mentors and mentees combine factors such as career or field interest and match suitability, other factors such as learning objectives and personal interests are also taken into consideration to complete the matching process.

Prior to the start of the program, you will receive a Mentorship Program handbook as well as a copy of the mentee’s assignments. A mentor orientation session has been scheduled for October 24th and we encourage you to attend to learn more about your roles and responsibilities as a mentor, as well as connect with other mentors in the program.

The Program Coordinator is available to assist you throughout the mentoring relationship and respond to your questions and concerns.

The Mentoring Program only matches mentors to one mentee at a time, to enable you to focus specifically on that partnership during the six month period. However, we will be encouraging mentees to expand their network by connecting with other mentors at program events, and on LinkedIn.

Apply to be a Mentor HERE