Brown Bag Seminar Series: “Physical Activity: A Measurement Challenge”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Lisa Price, PhD, Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health, University of Exeter

Capturing and accurately quantifying physical activity (PA) represents a substantial challenge for researchers. Whilst accelerometry has become common place in both observational and experimental study designs, the data reduction methods present opportunities for misclassification and/or selection bias. Additionally, research has tended to focus on how much activity people do as opposed to how this activity is accumulated. These limitations impact our understanding of relationships with health, temporal trends and intervention effectiveness. In order to overcome these issues, it is important to develop more precise measurement tools and novel analytical techniques that can identify patterns of activity. This seminar will outline some of the challenges faced within PA measurement and highlight the novel techniques our research group is employing within multiple populations.

Dr Price completed her undergraduate degree (Sport Science) and her MSc (Sport and Exercise psychology) at the University of Wales, Bangor before moving to the University of Exeter in 2008 to complete her PhD; examining the impact of physical activity measurement methods upon the relationship between physical activity and psychological well-being. Her post-doctoral position was undertaken in the University of Exeter Medical School, working on a cluster randomised control trial of a school based obesity prevention programme (HeLP). Dr Price joined the Sport and Health Science department at University of Exeter as a lecturer in 2014. Her research interests lie in the area of physical activity measurement, using more accurate methods of assessment to detect relationships between physical activity and health. Specifically, Dr Price is interested in the pattern of physical activity accumulation and how that may impact upon both physical and psychological health.

Seminar Poster