Daniel Smith’s MKin Major Paper Presentation

Title: “Training to Maximize Football (soccer) Performance: A Literature Review”

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Crocker (Kinesiology)
Second Reader: Mike Mosher (Kinesiology)

Abstract: Soccer is an intermittent sport that has developed into one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment. With large amounts of money being made and invested into the sport, success has become more important than ever to achieve. With every advantage possible being sought, it is extremely important that elite soccer player achieve maximum value for their efforts towards their physical fitness. This paper breaks down the demands of the sport (including positional differences), the physical determinants, and the aerobic, anaerobic, and strength interventions that have proven to be successful in maximizing players fitness. Periodization
and programming stimuli that challenge the players central and peripheral systems, recovery time that allows players to recuperate, and maintenance periods take careful consideration and planning in order to accommodate top leagues demanding game schedules. It is more important than ever for teams to consider scientific approaches to improving physical performances of their players, and ensuring every possible advantage is taken. The topics covered in this paper review and summarize the current literature available for maximizing elite males physical performance in the sport of soccer.