Emmett Campbell’s MKin Major Paper Presentation: “Diabetes Mellitus: Overview and Recommendations for Athletes and Coaches”

Title: “Diabetes Mellitus: Overview and Recommendations for Athletes and Coaches”
Supervisor: Dr Maria Gallo (Kinesiology)
Second Reader: Dr Don McKenzie (Kinesiology)

Abstract: Diabetes is common endocrine disorder that effects millions of North Americans and people all over the world. Type I diabetes is a specific form of diabetes that is related to dysfunctional insulin production and glucose regulation. Without proper management there can be significant health effects, as well as impairments in the individual’s ability to live their daily lives and participate in exercise and sport. While poorly managed diabetes can limit an individual’s ability to participate and excel in sport, if properly managed the diabetic athlete will not be limited in their ability to both participate and excel. Consistency, diligence and a large amount of trial and error are necessary for an athlete to determine the steps they will need to take to gain a tight control over their blood glucose levels and to give themselves the best chance to succeed. This paper will outline the physiological basis of diabetes, its potential health effects, and will supply some recommendations for diet, insulin administration, training protocols, and other management strategies to help coaches and athletes develop management plans to best suite the athlete’s specific needs.