Kinesiology Distinguished Speaker Series: John Lambert, University of Brighton, UK

Seminar Speaker: John Lambert, University of Brighton, UK
Host: Dr. Ian Franks, Professor, UBC School of Kinesiology
Date: July 25, 2017two presentations

Football for Peace: a values-based approach to coaching sport in a divided society

John Lambert was a co-ordinator for coach education within a grass roots “Sport for Peace” programme for ten years (2003-2013). He adopted the dual roles of practitioner and researcher. Over this period the project grew from 50 children in one town in Israel to 1200 Arab and Jewish children across the whole country. By then it had become a partnership between the University of Brighton, The German Sport University Cologne, the Israeli Sport authority and The British Council. In this programme sport is used as a tool to promote the core values of the project that relate to the aims of conflict prevention and peaceful co-existence. This innovative methodology is based on Schwartz’s values theory and the presentation will focus on the efficacy of using the “Football for Peace” model to teach values through sport in such a challenging environment.

12:30pm–1:30pm Lunch provided on a first-come, first-serve basis

Identifying and developing elite athletes

John’s experience in coach education over the last twenty years has led him to interrogate the practices of fellow coaches in relation to identifying and developing young athletes. Using Gagne’s model of talent identification as a theoretical framework, he will present an alternative approach to nurturing gifted athletes. This approach will focus on developmental, educational and ethical considerations. Relating theory to practice will be a key theme permeating the presentation and it is therefore applicable to both academics and practitioners in the field. It is expected that the presentation and the ensuing discussion will provoke debate and introspective thought about a coach’s responsibilities in identifying and developing elite athletes.

John Lambert’s Biography
As Principal Lecturer in Sport Coaching and Physical Education at the School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton (2004-2016), John gained an international reputation in the area of sport for development. His main research interest is teaching values through sport. He is co-editor of Values in Youth Sport and Physical Education (2015) and Becoming a Sports Coach (2016), both published by Routledge. He has worked on a major international sport for development project for over ten years. John is also a UEFA A licence football coach and now works as first team scout in the match analysis and talent identification department of Manchester United (an English Premier League football club). He has been engaged in coaching and coach education for many years including leading the BA Sports Coaching degree at the University of Brighton. John is also a visiting lecturer at the German Sport University, Cologne and has presented at many international conferences.

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