Kyra Dickinson’s MKin Major Paper Presentation

Title: “Examining the Relationship Between Objective and Subjective Methods of Measuring Internal Training Load in Team Sport: A Systematic Review”
Supervisor: Dr. Darren Warburton (Kinesiology)
Second Reader: Dr. Shannon Bredin (Kinesiology)

Quantifying training load is a modern approach to individualizing the training environment in team sport, as several methods and systems have been developed and validated to improve efficiency of training. The purpose of this review is to determine how highly correlated various measures of objective training loads are with subjective training load values in a team sport setting.

Articles were identified through the use of electronic databases MEDLINE (Ovid), EMBASE (Ovid), and SPORTDiscus (EBSCOhost). Key words were used for selection. Articles included were reviewed by first and second authors and met the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

After screening, a total of 21 articles that met the inclusion/exclusion criteria were included in this review. 17 studies used the Edwards method of objective training load, 9 used the Banister method, 3 used the Lucia method, 3 used the TRIMPMOD method, and 1 used the iTRIMP method. Despite the Edwards method being the most widely used, every method appears to have advantages, and show positive correlation with sRPE.

In conclusion, as periodization becomes more common in team sport, a method to quantify TL would also be beneficial to heighten the efficacy of such planning. There is evidence that higher correlations found in these studies validate the low cost and effective method of quantifying internal training load using sRPE versus HR-methods of TL. Further research should be conducted on the validity of each objective measure of training load in specific team sports as well as the validity of the various subjective TL methods.