Lisa White’s MKin Major Paper Presentation

Title: “Intentional Adversity: Developing resilience in the competitive sport environment”

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Crocker (Kinesiology)
Second Reader: Dr. Maria Gallo (Kinesiology)

Abstract: Resilience is often regarded as a positive characteristic of elite athletes and teams however, the path to obtaining resilience is through the gates of adversity, which is often viewed as negative. It is this necessity of adversity, strictly for the development of resilience, which will be explored in this paper. The possession of psychological resilience alone is not the assurance of becoming an Olympic or World Champion, yet resilience forged through adversity does appear to be a shared experience for high achieving athletes and teams. Thus, the need to dissect the process of resiliency’s development and how coaches and facilitators (e.g. mental skills coaches, sports psychologists) may intentionally create adverse environments for athletes and teams who have chosen to be challenged.