Fred Hume, Athletics Historian

As UBC’s first and only Athletics historian, Fred Hume brings the stories of Kinesiology Alumni to life.

Fred’s well-researched and illuminating profiles ensure the legacies of the Kinesiology students who came before continue to live on. His work also serves as an information resource for coaches, students and faculty together with campus, local and national media.

Long-time football statistician, Fred Hume entered the UBC Sports Hall of Fame himself in 2011, nearly 22 years after he began working to uncover the great UBC teams, athletes and builders of sport dating back to 1915.

Fred’s efforts resulted in the establishment and development of the UBC Sports Hall of Fame which has been instrumental in re-connecting the university with hundreds of its most accomplished athletic alumni encouraging them to become more directly involved with the campus and their former teams.

Much of UBC’s now established historical sport information including all-time lists, sport histories, sport records and historical highlights is a result of his original research – information of value to Athletics’ Development and Sports Information teams as well as to the university.

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