Hyun Kyung Kim, BKin

Graduating year: BKin, May 2014Kim - Website
Employed by: Metrotown Orthopedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, UBC School of Kinesiology – Outreach Programs, and UBC Ropes Course
Stream: Kinesiology & Health Science

Kim started in the program in 2010 as a means to gain work experience before finishing her degree. Her main goal was to try a variety of jobs and work environments to discover what would be the best fit. Being immersed in many jobs allowed her to develop and refine many transferable skills, including conflict resolution and communication, as well as basic skills, such as organizational skills, time-management skills, as well as the ability to work in a team as well as independently.

Through her time in Co-op, Kim learned many things about herself. She learned about her skill set, and where it may need improvement; and that sometimes the workplace is more difficult than it may seem, but sometimes it’s more fun than one would expect.

Now graduated, Kim will be seeking work as a Kinesiologist while spending a large portion of her time volunteering for organizations dedicated to humanitarian outreach. Her goal is to work for one of those organizations and ultimately work towards resolving and/or preventing global health issues.

Advice to Current Students: “Explore the different positions out there. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get your ideal job for your first placement. Even those positions that you think are completely inapplicable to you may end up teaching you some great skills. That was the case for me.”