Jim Rupert

Jim Rupert, Associate Professor
Jim Rupert, Associate Professor
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Associate Professor
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Biological Sciences Building - Rm 3032, 6170 University Blvd
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Genes, RNA, Informatics, and Protein (GRIP) Laboratory - (604) 822-9331
Curriculum Vitae / Background: 
  • University of Guelph B.Sc. (Genetics) 1984
  • University of Toronto M.Sc. (Medical Genetics) 1988
  • University of British Columbia Ph.D. (Zoology) 2000
  • Post-doctoral Fellow U.B.C, Dept Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2000-2003
  • Post-doctoral Fellow Terry Fox Laboratory, B.C. Cancer Agency 2003-2004
Genetics and genomics of exercise. Human adaptation to altitude and the genetics of altitude-related illnesses. Genetic approaches to “doping” control. Cross-appointed to the Genetics Graduate Program. Associate Chair, UBC Behavioural Research Ethics Board
Courses Taught: 

KIN 191 - Functional Anatomy and Applied Physiology II
KIN 472 - Genetic issues in sports, exercise, and human performance
KIN 343 - An Introduction to the Biology of Human Athletic Performance


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Selected Published Refereed Papers/Publications: 

Publications (this millennium)

MacLeod KE, MacInnis MJ, Manokhina I, Rupert JL. 2013 Twin studies in altitude and hypoxia research. Aviat Space Environ Med. In press

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Invited presentations

Rupert JL. Applications of genetic technology to doping control. Comparative Physiology Seminar, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, March 2013.

Rupert JL Gene profiling and profile of gene doping. International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport, Glasgow, Scotland, July 2012.

Rupert. JL Gene doping and genetically modified athletes.  Peak Performance Symposium (part of Sport and Society Dialogue Series and Celebrate Research Week) Vancouver March 2010.

Rupert. JL. When The Cure Is Perfection: Gene therapy and creation of perfect athletes.  Abandon Normal Devices (2010 Cultural Olympiad event, Vancouver) Feb, 2010. 

Rupert, JL Back or Ban boosters for the body and brain? The UBC Winter Games Education Initiative
UBC Robson Square Campus Vancouver, Jan 2010

Rupert JL Genes in doping and doping control.  Interhospital Cytogenetic Seminar Series, Child and Family Research Institute. Vancouver Nov 2009. 

Rupert JL. Constructing winners: the science and ethics of genetically manipulating athletes. Langara College's Sport and Technology: Philosophical Dimensions Conference, Vancouver, May 2009.

Rupert, JL Gene doping: Genes, doping, and construction of future athletes. Association of National Anti-doping Organizations workshop, Vancouver Nov 2008.

Rupert, JL. Genes, doping, and construction of future athletes. BC Association of Kinesiologists AGM, Vancouver Oct 2008.

Rupert, JL. Transgendered athletes in the Olympics (presentation and panellist) Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Victoria, Jan 2008.

Rupert, JL. Hypoxia, EPO, and new strategies in doping control Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, March 2007.

Rupert JL. Development of a prototype blood-based test for exogenous erythropoietin activity based on transcriptional profiling. Genome BC, Vancouver, 2007.

Rupert JL. Genetic variation and adaptation in a high altitude Andean population: single nucleotide polymorphisms and association analysis. IV World Congress on Mountain Medicine and High Altitude Physiology, Arica, Chile, 2000.

Rupert JL. Genetic adaptations to living in hypoxia: lessons from the Andes. Journal of Experimental Biology Conference (Physiological Limits to Human Performance), Flagstaff, Arizona, 2000.

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