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UBC Co-op Council meets with Professor Ono March 27, 2017

On Friday, March 24th, Simone Longpré, Co-op Coordinator for the School of Kinesiology, and the UBC Co-op Council met with UBC President, Professor Ono.
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Raed Alamro’s MSc Thesis Defence March 23, 2017

Abstract: Background: The ability to maintain postural stability during sitting or standing depends critically on motor function in the trunk muscles. Trunk muscle function is typically assumed to be poor or absent in people with a complete spinal cord injury (SCI) at or above the thoracic level. However, recent studies have revealed sparing of trunk […]
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J. Megan Brousseau’s MSc Defence March 20, 2017

Abstract: A spinal cord injury (SCI), results in a myriad of serious secondary health complications including cardiovascular disease, pressure ulcers and obesity due to immobility, and suicide due to the prevalence of depressive disorders. These health conditions and chronic illnesses could be reduced by improving fitness and mobility by participation in physical activity and exercise. […]
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