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George Grose’s MSc Thesis Defence April 26, 2017

Abstract: The senses of position and movement are known collectively as kinaesthesia.  Muscle spindles are length sensitive receptors, considered pivotal to these senses.  Mechanical muscle vibration artificially stimulates muscle spindles and this can lead to illusory limb postures and movements, thereby disrupting kinaesthesia. Read More »
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School of Kinesiology Recognizes Leadership at annual Awards Banquet April 12, 2017

On April 5, the Liu Institute for Global Issues brimmed with energy and enthusiasm as the School of Kinesiology hosted its annual Student Leadership Awards banquet.
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Lisa White’s MKin Major Paper Presentation April 11, 2017

Abstract: Resilience is often regarded as a positive characteristic of elite athletes and teams however, the path to obtaining resilience is through the gates of adversity, which is often viewed as negative. It is this necessity of adversity, strictly for the development of resilience, which will be explored in this paper. The possession of psychological […]
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