Senior Instructor

Osborne Centre – Unit II
University of British Columbia, 1973, B.P.E
University of Washington, 1979, M.S.P.E.
Courses Taught
KIN 103 (3 Active Health
KIN 220 E (3/9) Performance Analysis of Selected Team Sports and Activities

Specific topics to be announced each year. Prerequisites: HKIN 120 and completion of First Year. [2-2]

KIN 303 (3) High Performance Conditioning in Physical Activity and Sport

Conditioning methods, exercise techniques and appraisal methods for fitness in high performance physical activity and sport. Prerequisites: HKIN 103, 290, and 291. [3-0]

(outline, notes 1, notes 2, lab 1, lab 2, lab 3, lab 4, lab 5)

KIN 355 A (3/6) Field Experience

Analytical observations and supervised professional practice in physical activity and leisure settings as required for each specific program of study. See Undergraduate Advising Centre for specific prerequisites for each section. Students must take the section relevant to their programs of study. Prerequisite: completion of Second Year. [1-0-2]

KIN 361 (3) Introduction to Athletic Training

Recognition, prevention, and first aid treatment of common sports injuries. Laboratory sessions emphasize principles and techniques of basic protective taping and strapping. Prerequisites: HKIN 290 and 291. [2-2]


KIN 365 (3) Foundations of Coaching

Methods of athletic conditioning, planning the program, psychology of training and coaching, athletic evaluation. Prerequisite: completion of Second Year. [3-0]


Health and Fitness – Rugby, Athletic Training, Strength & Conditioning


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KIN 361 Notes and Videos
Notes Tape Jobs Palpations
Outline Achilles Foot-Ankle Anatomy
Lecture 1 Closed Basketweave Ankle Assessment
Lecture 2 Contact Thumb Ankle Treatment
Labs Contact Wrist Knee 1
Elbow Hyperextension Knee 2
Low Dye Biomechanics
Medial Longitudinal Arch Shoulder
Middle Longitudinal Arch Elbow
Modified Gibney Wrist
Patellar Stabalization
Wrist Hyperextension