Part-time Lecturer

Osborne Centre Unit 2 Room 206
6108 Thunderbird Boulevard
University of Ulster Coleraine, UK, 2007, BSc , Hons Dietetics
Loughborough University, UK, 2008, MSc


Ms. McCrudden is from Ireland and trained as a Dietitian in the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.  She completed her Masters at Loughborough University in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. She worked as an applied Performance Dietitian for the English Institute of Sport (EIS) with a variety of sports including, beach volleyball, England Netball and Bob Skeleton. In 2010 she split her time between England, continuing her work with the EIS and Dublin, working as the lead dietitian for Leinster Rugby. In 2013, she joined the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific in Vancouver and has worked with swimmers, Women’s Soccer team, the Vancouver Whitecaps Youth teams, BMX, the Canucks and winter sports in Whistler. Her work focuses on the specialist application of the science of nutrition to performance enhancement in sport aiming to maximise training adaptation and performance, optimize body composition while minimizing risk of injury, over-training, illness and burnout. 


High Performance Nutrition and Health