Auditorium Annex – Room 156C
Queen’s University, 1992, B.A.H., Sociology
Wilfrid Laurier University, 1996, M.S.W
McMaster University, 2000, Ph.D., Sociology
Courses Taught
KIN 261 Health, Policy, and Society
KIN 425 Aging, Society, and the Body
KIN 500 Aging, Health, and Physical Activity

Research Interests


Sociology of Aging, Sociology of Health, Body Image, Embodiment


Research within my lab primarily focuses on older adults’ gendered experiences of aging, disability, health, illness, and mobility from a sociological, qualitative perspective. Please see my research lab website for further details.


Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree are encouraged to contact me directly at



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Selected Book Chapters

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2000-2003 CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship
2005-2010 MSFHR Career Investigator Award
2011-2012 Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Early Career Scholar Award