Sr. Instructor

War Memorial Gymnasium Room 35
6081 University Boulevard
University of Guelph, 2000, B.Sc., BioMedical Sciences
University of Alberta, 2002, Ph.D., Physical Education and Recreation
University of British Columbia, 2008, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Blood Doping – School of Human Kinetics
Courses Taught
KIN 103 Active Health

Role of physical activity in the maintenance of a healthy life. Application of basic physical fitness and exercise methods, exercise techniques and fitness appraisal.

KIN 275 Exercise Physiology I

Acute and chronic effects of exercise on body systems; basic concepts of cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular responses to physical activity.

KIN 462 Skeletal Muscle Physiology: From Generation to Regeneration

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of muscle adaptability to physical activity: muscle development, signaling cascades of hypertrophy and atrophy, and satellite cell contribution to muscle regeneration/repair; etiology of intramuscular fatigue.

KIN 585 Coaching Sciences I

The application of research findings from exercise physiology, human growth and motor development, biomechanics and sport medicine, to the coaching of athletes.

Research Interests


Adaptive responses to endurance training and creatine feeding (Phd Dissertation)


Teaching and Supervision

As a Sr. Instructor in the School of Kinesiology, I teach undergraduate and graduate students in the area of exercise physiology, human health and sport performance.

As a trained coach and retired national team athlete (rugby and bobsleigh), I am able to supplement my teaching and can interest the students further with real-life examples and cases encountered in the world of sports science. My current role as the Head Coach of the Women’s Varsity Rugby Team compliments my duties as the primary advisor of the Master in Kinesiology (coaching stream) and the new Graduate Certificate in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership.

I am very committed to the highest pedagogic standards and I am dedicated to achieving outstanding distinction in areas of instruction and service. My current position is very rewarding and I enjoy the day-to-day interaction with undergraduate and graduate students and providing them with inspiration for further learning.


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