War Memorial Gymnasium Room 122
6081 University Boulevard
University of Exeter (UK), 1996, BA, Education (Hons)
Queen’s University (Canada), 1999, MA
University of Birmingham (UK), 2002, Ph.D
British Psychological Society, 2006, Chartered Psychologist
Courses Taught
KIN 231 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
KIN 373 Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 489D Social Processes in Exercise and Sport Psychology

Research Interests


Exercise and Sport Psychology, Psychology of Group Dynamics, Leadership, Close Relationships, Role Perceptions


Research conducted within our lab primarily focuses on the social psychology of group processes in exercise, sport, and health-related contexts. A major focus of enquiry centres on the application of transformational leadership theory to understanding and intervening with teaching behaviours in school settings. We have also conducted studies that have applied transformational leadership theory to the parenting domain. Another program of research focuses on the psychology of close relationships, and the efficacy beliefs that form within those settings. We have also conducted research on perceptual similarity and relational demography within physical activity groups.
Current and Recent Research Funding


For publications please visit the Psychology of Exercise, Health, and Physical Activity Laboratory.

Potential Students

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree or post-doctoral fellowship are encouraged to contact me directly at

Consulting/Professional Practice

Consulting enquiries should be directed to me at the above address.