Associate Professor

Medical Sciences Block C- Room 118
Queen’s University at Kingston, 1993, B.Sc.H., Life Sciences
University of Toronto , 1995, M.Sc., Physiology
University of Toronto , 1999, M.D.
University of British Columbia, 2001, CCFP
University of British Columbia, 2003, Fellowship in Sports Medicine
University of British Columbia, 2006, PhD , Exercise Physiology
CURRENT PROJECTS: Interaction between exercise intensity, pollution and the cardiorespiratory system (Fraser Basin Council, Health Canada) Physiologic and genetic contributions to Acute Mountain Sickness (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council) Pharmacogenomics of salbutamol as an ergogenic aid in elite cyclists (World Anti-Doping Agency) High Altitude Pulmonary Edema, Immersion Pulmonary Edema and Lung Water During Exercise (BC Sport Medicine Research Foundation and the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine)


Exercise Science – sports medicine, exercise physiology, environmental illness


Dr. Koehle’s research program combines exercise and environmental physiology from basic mechanistic research to more clinical field studies in remote environments. He is interested in examining the underlying mechanisms of environmental illnesses such as altitude, heat and decompression illness and developing strategies for their prevention.


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Book Chapters

Koehle MS (2006) Physical Activity in the cold and at altitude In: Brukner P and Khan K, Clinical Sports Medicine 3rd Edition, McGraw Hill, Sydney, 900-911.