War Memorial Gymnasium Room 300
6081 University Boulevard
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University of Hertfordshire (UK), B.Sc., Psychology
McMaster University, M.Sc., Human Biodynamics
University of British Columbia, Ph.D., Human Kinetics
Courses Taught
KIN 284 Physical Growth and Motor Development
KIN 570 Research Methods

Research Interests


Human motor control and learning across the life-span. Motor expertise. Learning and coordination. Instructions, feedback and observational learning.


The research in the Motor Skills Lab is supported by funds from the
three Canadian tricouncil funding agencies. Although the mandates of
these research councils differ, each of our programs of research are
guided primarily by the desire to understand the principles which guide
motor learning/skill acquisition. The SSHRC (Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of Canada) funded research has been designed
to look at effective instruction, optimal conditions of practice and
attainment and maintenance of high performance skill in sport. For the
NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)
funded research we have been studying the relationships between
observation and action, with a focus on the attainment of coordination
skills. We are starting to become more involved in the applications of
more basic motor performance and learning research for people with
movement disorders (such as Downs Syndrome and stroke), which formed the
basis of funding (New Investigator award) from CIHR (Canadian
Institutes of Health Research).


Please visit the Motor Skills Lab webpage for a list of publications.