War Memorial Gym Room 220A
6081 University Boulevard
Simon Fraser University, 1980, B.A., Psychology/Kinesiology
Simon Fraser University, 1982, M.Sc., Kinesiology (Psychomotor Learning)
University of Alberta, 1988, Ph.D., Physical Education (Sport Psychology and Skill Acquisition)
Courses Taught
KIN 231 Sport and Exercise Psychology
KIN 371 Introduction to Statistics
KIN 564 Behavioural aspects of sport

Research Interests


Sport & Exercise Psychology – Stress, Coping and Emotion; Physical Self


Dr. Crocker’s research focuses on the area of human adaptation in sport and exercise. His primary area of research investigates stress, coping, and emotion processes in adolescent and high performance athletes (Funded by SSHRC). This research is attempting to determine how athletes cope with various stressors and the role of relatively stable personality factors. Present work is examining how aspects of perfectionism influence how athletes appraise and cope with competition stress and the subsequent impact on goal achievement and emotion. Ongoing work in the laboratory by graduate students is examining how self-compassion might be used a coping resource, the role of passion in the coping process in relation to goal achievement and burn-out, the link between exercise / physical activity and types of well-being, examining the transition process for athletes selected or deselected from teams, and predicting self-conscious emotions related to the body. We are also interested in issues around perceptions of physical self and body image concerns in motivation and emotion.


Selected Publications since 2005

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