Associate Professor

Osborne Centre Unit I Room 212
6108 Thunderbird Boulevard
University of Alberta, 1996, B.P.E.
University of Alberta, 1996, B.Ed., Major: Physical Education/Minor: Biological Sciences
University of Alberta, 1998, M.Sc., Motor Behaviour
University of British Columbia, 2004, Ph.D., Motor Behaviour
Courses Taught
KIN 230 Human Motor Behaviour I
KIN 284 Physical Growth and Motor Development
KIN 366 Movement Experiences for Young Children


Human motor behaviour (motor learning, development, and expertise); life span physical activity and health; physical and health literacy; health knowledge; health-related physical fitness; interactive gaming; telehealth; psychomotor markers of performance.


The Cognitive and Functional Learning (LEARN) Laboratory: the purpose of the LEARN Laboratory is to examine factors that influence human motor development, learning, and performance, with a specific focus on factors related to cognition, functional activities of healthy living, and the development of knowledge across the lifespan. The overall goal of this research is to develop evidence-based tools, strategies, and standards for the development of healthy physical behaviour and expert performance across the lifespan. The LEARN Laboratory is a member of the Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit.

The Systematic Reviews Research Laboratory: the purpose of this research laboratory is to systematically evaluate the available medical and health science in an effort to translate and disseminate synthesized evidence-based information across the spectrum of end-users for the promotion of physical activity and prevention of chronic disease. The Systematic Reviews Research Laboratory is a member of the Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit.