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The Physical Cultural Studies and Sport History Laboratory is a part of the socio-cultural research group in the School of Kinesiology exploring a variety of topics within the area of sociology and history of sport, physical activity and the body. Research projects currently underway focus on the social and cultural history of sport, physical activity, physical education and modern dance; Western biomedicine and traditional Chinese medicine approach to aging, pregnancy and physical activity.

Physical Cultural Studies and Sport History Laboratory


 School of Kinesiology
The University of British Columbia
Room 214, Room 37 & Room 33, War Memorial Gym
6081 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Affiliated and Related Courses

KIN 383 The Modern Olympics: Power, Politics and Performance
KIN 489 Gender and Sport
Kin 580 Exercise, Body and Society
KIN 530 Directed Studies

Dr. Patricia Vertinsky

Distinguished University Scholar and Professor


Dr. Patricia Vertinsky is a Distinguished University Scholar and Professor of Kinesiology. She is a social and cultural historian working across the fields of women’s and gender history with a special interest on physical culture, physical education and modern dance. Her work focuses on the study of normalizing disciplinary regimes in kinesiology, sport science and physical culture and the social, political, and scientific context in which they have been conceived and promoted. She is particularly interested in regimes of risk and the gendered body in relation to patterns of physical culture and globalization in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Dr. Vertinsky is an International Fellow of the American Academy of Kinesiology, Past-President of the North American Society of Sport History, and past Vice-President of the International Society for Physical Education and Sport History.

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Birmingham University, England, B.A., Hons. History and Physical Education
Birmingham University, England, Diploma of Education.
University of California at Los Angeles, M.Sc., Sociology and Kinesiology
University of British Columbia, Ed.D., Social Foundations of Education
University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Honorary Doctorate in Science



Doctoral Students

Caitlin O'Reilly, BSW, MPP

Cassandra Wells

Masters Students

Victoria Felkar, BKIN, CSEP

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