SESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS – Spring 2018 HSCI 406-3 Global Perspectives in Indigenous Health

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SESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS – Spring 2018 HSCI 406-3 Global Perspectives in Indigenous Health

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Simon Fraser University

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Simon Fraser University

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This course will examine the health of Indigenous peoples from a global perspective. There are an estimated 370 million Indigenous peoples living in 70 countries on every continent. Indigenous Peoples are among the most disadvantaged and marginalized people in the world, and are among those at greatest risk for suffering poor health status. This course will first describe the health conditions of Indigenous peoples in different regions of the world, then undertake a comparative examination of social and historical factors that contribute to poor health conditions, and finally compare efforts of Indigenous peoples to restore health to their Nations.

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COURSE STRUCTURE: One 3-hour seminar each week. The course will be divided into two components. The first component will be a series of lectures by the instructor followed by discussion based on assigned readings. The second component will be a series of presentations by student groups of indigenous health issues in different geographic regions of the world. Students will be expected to form 5 groups and each group will take responsibility for preparing a presentation for the class. Each member of the class will also prepare a 10 page term paper.

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