Current Graduate Students

Aaron Chew

Supervisor: Dr. Maria Gallo
Current Program: MKin
Research Area: Speed, strength & power development; injury prevention & rehabilitation; tactical strength & conditioning

April Karlinsky

Supervisor: Dr. Nicola Hodges
Current Program: PhD in Kinesiology
Research Area: motor learning and control, joint action

Ben Sylvester

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Beauchamp
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Exercise Psychology

Chris Forgaard

Supervisor: Dr. Ian Franks
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Human Motor Control: My research program involves using startling acoustic stimuli and single-joint mechanical perturbations to investigate the nature of movement preparation.

Coralie Riendeau

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Crocker
Current Program: MA – Sport & Exercise Psychology
Research Area: coping, stress, burnout, perfectionism, cognitive processes

Erica Bennett

Supervisor: Dr. Laura Hurd Clarke and Dr. Peter Crocker
Current Program: Ph.D.
Research Area: Aging, body image, narrative methods, physical activity, sexual identity

Eveline Pasman

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Carpenter
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Influence of fear and anxiety on static and dynamic balance control in healthy adults and clinical populations. StartReact effect in balance correcting responses. Proprioception in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Inge Derom

Supervisor: Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe
Current Program: PhD
Research Area: Sport Sociology

Jade Werger

Supervisor: Dr. Shannon Bredin
Current Program: MA in Kinesiology

Jordan W. Squair

Supervisor: Dr. Mark G Carpenter
Current Program: MSc
Research Area: Motor Preservation in Spinal Cord Injury, Postural Control in Spinal Cord Injury, Origins of Postural Sway