Prospective Graduate Students

The School of Kinesiology offers graduate students original research investigations (MA, MSc, PhD) and advanced study (MKin) in biological, behavioural, socio-cultural and coaching science. Students entering the MA program are normally expected to have a background in social sciences, while students applying to the MSc program are expected to have a background in the natural or health sciences. Potential MKin students are required to have a BKin or its equivalent.

Are you interested in coaching science? If so, the preferred degree path is the non-thesis MKin degree. Some recent samples of major paper titles are: “Exercise Considerations for the Prenatal Client,” “Goal Setting for Collegiate Golf,” and “Injury Prevention in Amateur Ice Hockey.” The faculty member most closely associated with this degree is Dr. Maria Gallo. Information on the /program structure is available on our Masters Program page.

The School has excellent research facilities and graduate students work alongside some of the top researchers in the field of Kinesiology. This program follows a mentorship model and admission requires a faculty member to agree to act as a research supervisor. Applicants meeting the minimum eligibility requirements are forwarded to potential supervisors identified by the applicant, provided that they have already confirmed the proposed faculty member’s interest and availability before proceeding with the formal application procedure. The recommendation for admission is made by individual faculty members and no student is admitted to the program without a supervisor being assigned at the time of admission.

For questions regarding the Kinesiology graduate programs please contact the KIN Graduate Program Assistant:

Phone: 604 822 4641
Fax: 604 822 6842