General Program Details

Program Overview

The Kinesiology Mentorship Program brings together student mentees and alumni mentors for professional development, networking, and career exploration. The program assists students with the transition from university into the professional environment and provides alumni with the opportunity to give back and re-connect with the School of Kinesiology and UBC. The program incorporates face-to-face mentoring with online contact, networking events, and connections to career development resources.

Program Outcomes

As a student mentee, you will:

  • learn more about your field and explore potential career options
  • receive an introduction into the professional environment and start building a professional network
  • have the opportunity to share life experiences and learn form a mentor’s challenges and achievements
  • build and strengthen leadership and communication skills through professional networking opportunities
  • explore and gain clarity on career, academic and personal plans

As an alumni mentor, you will:

  • Hone leadership and mentoring skills
  • Build contacts within your industry and build professional network through mentor community
  • Develop and maintain connections with the School of Kinesiology and UBC
  • Contribute to the future of industry and community by supporting the next generation of leaders

Program Requirements

Students mentees are encouraged to lead the mentorship relationship by initiating contact and meetings.

  • Student mentees and alumni mentors must meet at least once in person per term.
  • Student mentees and alumni mentors must maintain at least one point of contact per month.  This can be over email, phone, skype, etc.
  • Student mentees and alumni mentors must sign the Mentorship Agreement and return to the Mentorship Program Coordinator before beginning the program.

Student Requirements

Student mentees are responsible for completing an additional set of program requirements.

Time Commitment

The mentorship relationship is developed over six months, from October to March. The time commitment for mentors is a total of 10-15 hours. Students are expected to dedicate 20-30 hours to the program in order to complete the program requirements. Remember, you get out what you put in!

Feedback & Support

Throughout the program, the Mentorship Program Coordinator is available to answer questions, discuss concerns, and provide support. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions.

Alumni, mentors, and students, please contact the Student Engagement Officer at

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