Degree Requirements

Determining Degree Requirements

In order to obtain a BKin degree, students must…

  1. fulfill the 120 credit requirement and complete 60 credits at UBC. BKin students may not receive a degree without completing the equivalent of two winter sessions (60 credits) in attendance at the University, one of which should be the final year. This regulation applies to all students, including transfer students from colleges or other institutions, education abroad students, and students who are pursuing a second undergraduate degree.
  2. satisfy all the stream requirements by completing studies either at UBC or elsewhere
  3. satisfy at least 50% of the credits required for the stream while registered in the stream ; and
  4. complete upper-division UBC credits (300/400 level courses) to satisfy at least 50% of the credits required by point (3) above.

Program Streams

All BKin students are required to choose a program stream (IDKN, KINH, LEED) in order to register for 2nd year courses through On-line Registration. Students are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their registration as it relates to the requirements of their program stream and BKin degree.

Program Specialization Codes

  • Interdisciplinary Studies (IDKN)
  • Kinesiology and Health Science (KINH)
  • Leadership Education for Physical Activity, Sport, and Health (LEED)

Credit Requirements

Each of the three program streams in the School of Kinesiology requires completion of a minimum 120 credits. Students normally complete 30 credits of study per academic year. Under normal circumstances students must complete a minimum of 9 Kinesiology credits per year and a maximum of 33 total credits per year. In special circumstances permission may be granted to deviate from the established credit limits. Such permission must be received from the Undergraduate Advising Office prior to commencing studies.

Promotion Requirements

From Year 1 to Year 2: IDKN, KINH, and LEED Streams: Successful completion of 24 total credits including:

  • KIN 103
  • KIN 151
  • KIN 161
  • KIN 190
  • KIN 191

From Year 2 to Year 3: IDKN, KINH, and LEED: Successful completion of 48 total credits including:

  • ENGL 112
  • KIN 103
  • KIN 151
  • KIN 161
  • KIN 190
  • KIN 191
  • KIN 230
  • KIN 231
  • KIN 261
  • KIN 275
  • KIN 284


From Year 3 to Year 4: Successful completion of at least 78 or more appropriate credits which must include ENGL 112, 1st year and 2nd year KIN core courses.

Deviating from Program stream requirements

Under certain special circumstances students may request to take courses which differ from the requirements of the selected stream. Students who wish to request permission to deviate from their stream requirements must meet with an Undergraduate Advisor.