Transferring to Kinesiology

Students transferring to UBC from BC colleges or other institutions may receive transfer credit for studies completed at the previous institution. Transfer credit will be determined by UBC’s Registrar’s Office at the time of admission. No more than 60 credits can be transferred.

For students transferring from colleges within BC, please check the BC College Transfer Credit Equivalency Chart.

Unassigned Transfer Credits

If course work completed at another institution does not articulate (course equivalency has not been previously determined by UBC) with a specific UBC course, the Registrar’s Office may apply unassigned transfer credit. These unassigned transfer credits can only be used to fulfill elective requirements and cannot be used in place of any specific KIN course. The Registrar will determine the credit value and the UBC year of study to which the unassigned credit can be applied.

Precluded Credit

In assigning transfer credits, the Registrar’s Office sometimes assign a “preclusion” to certain Kinesiology courses. The “preclusion” designation indicates that the course work is similar to an existing UBC course and therefore the UBC equivalent course cannot be taken at UBC. When courses are “precluded”, the Registrar’s Office applies a certain number of credits for the “precluded” course and assigns those credits to a specific year of study. Preclusions are common in the School of Kinesiology for KIN 361, 303. Three credits are awarded for each of these courses at Year 2. Students who have received preclusions for these 3rd Year UBC courses should be aware that transfer credit can be applied only to fulfill 2nd Year Elective requirements. The UPPER LEVEL KIN credit deficits THAT EXIST BECAUSE OF PRECLUDED CREDITS must be made up by taking additional UPPER LEVEL Kinesiology course work at UBC.

Second Degree Requirements

Students who have completed a previous undergraduate degree and wish to pursue a BKin as a 2nd degree must successfully complete all BKin program requirements and successfully complete a minimum of 60 credits of study at UBC. In certain cases, course work from the previous degree may be applied to fulfill BKin degree requirements. Second degree students must have their program approved in writing by the Undergraduate advising centre.

Off Campus Study

BKin students who wish permission to take any courses outside of UBC must receive prior written approval from the Undergraduate Advising Centre. Students who complete credit toward their BKin degree at another institute may obtain transfer credit from that institution only if prior written permission has been obtained from the Undergraduate Advising Centre.